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Spiritual cleansing

Sage is a wonderful herb that is not only good for cooking and Alternative Medicines but has great Spiritual benefits. There are so many types of Sage out there but we are only going to discuss 1 type… the White Sage (Salvia Apiana) used for Smudge Sticks. There is also the Diviners Sage (Salvia Divinorum) which is a Hallucinogenic… but we wont get into that since our wonderful Government has made it illegal now in many states. Welcome to the “Control System”.

Spiritual Cleansing

This process is called Smudging. In Smudging you will be using the White Sage (Salvia Apiana) used for Smudge Sticks. Yes, it is White Sage dried and bundled up with string wrapped around it to hold it all together. This is a Ritual that you can do for many things. If you’re feeling low on Energy and need Balance this is perfect for you or if you need to cleanse and purify yourself of unwanted Spirits or bad and negative energy. The method for this…. You can do this yourself or have someone help you. It is better and easier to have someone help you. Light the Smudge Stick and get it burning good. You don’t want it to have continuous fire. You want it to burn slowly like charcoals on the grill. Then it will make quite a bit of smoke. Stand up straight with your arms straight out like a crucifix. Have your friend or partner hold the Smudge Stick and they should then simply make circles around you with the smoke…. circling around your head around your arms your legs… literally your whole body…. even the palms of your hands and the bottom of your feet. Pretend like you are washing your hands in the smoke…. Pretend like you are washing your whole body with the smoke!
Some people like to have a large and wide feather and fan the smoke around the person being cleansed. You can also take several feathers and group them together to make a fan of sort. The choice is yours. While this is being done to you… try to relax as you would when meditating, controlling your breathing and visualizing yourself being filled with pure white light. When you are done… place the Smudge Stick in something that will not catch fire. I myself use a miniature Black Cauldron. I also place it with the burning end down so that it continues to burn effectively. Believe it or not as I am writing this I have a Smudge Stick burning right next to me to clear my space of unwanted entities. Just remember that where there’s smoke… there’s fire. So do not leave it unattended! One thing I need to inform you of before I forget… burning this Sage smells like sweet Marijuana. Why am I telling you this? Because other people who may later come into your house with think your smoking Pot! Not that that’s a bad thing…. It just that you don’t want people to get the wrong idea about what you are doing.

Cleansing and Purifying your Magickal Tools

Yes you should always cleanse and purify your Magickal Tools…. especially if one of your friends with their curiosity has handled them. This will get rid of their energy that they may have put forth on them. You only want to have your energy into your Magickal Tools. You should also use it to cleanse and purify your Alter and your Crystals. Simply light the Smudge Stick and hold it in one hand and take the Magickal Tool in the other hand. Wave the Smudge Stick around the Tool cleansing and purifying it…. imagining all the unwanted energy leaving it and pure white light entering it. If you’re going to do this…. go ahead and do all your tools and crystals and such. I know I have to do this because my Alter is out in the open and one of my friends or family will come by and always touch or pick up something on my Alter out of their own curiosity. You can’t blame them. If I was mainstream thinking and went to someone's house and saw these things…. I would want to touch them too. Curiosity killed the cat!

Cleansing and Purifying your House

This is perfect for getting rid of Foul Spirits or Negative Energy in your house. This is good to do after using the Ouija Board or Conjuring Spirits. Perhaps someone such as a neighbour or enemy whose energy you do not like has come into your house. Use this method to get rid of that energy!
To cleanse and Purify your house you will definitely use the entire Smudge Stick. You will be doing this on the inside of your house. Start at the front door and take the stick and wave it as if you were drawing an imaginary line around the shape of the door. Go in a clockwise motion. Then draw a straight line across the wall till you come to the first window. Then draw the shape of the window just like the door. Once again proceed to draw another straight line till you come to the next window and do the same. Continue this process around the whole house till you come back to the front door…. and don’t forget closet doors too. Now some people are anal about how they do this and they like to get every nook and cranny. I mean they get the base boards and the edge where the wall meets the ceiling. They even do inside the closets. This is all a matter of preference. You can make the call on that yourself as to how much effort you wish to put into this Ritual. As you are going around the house with your Smudge Stick…. Say out loud….. “Any and all Spirits and Energies that are not of the Light be gone, for you are not welcome here!” When you are done… place your Smudge Stick in something that will not catch fire. As I mentioned before I use a miniature Black Cauldron. I also place it with the burning end down so that it continues to burn effectively.

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