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Dr Anil Kumar Proag  -  B.A IN Economics and Political Science, M.A in Counselling, Dr in Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Dr in Clinical Hypnotherapy 


A normal PLR is Of 90 minutes and cost Rs.4500/= just for knowlegde or because you are curious to know of who you were.

Past Life Regession for healing your  past KARMA of your past lives, of your brothers and sisters or mother and father past lives that is affecting you now. of your ancestors past lives and curses from past lives is Rs.8000/= per session

Past Life Regression for healing any sickness or disease is Rs.9000/= per session and depending on the may take minimum 8 sessions or up to 12 sessions for a cure.

Past Life Regression to stop Smoking is Rs.10,000/= per session and sometime it will take 1to3 sessions only.

Divine Organ Transplants are done virtually in the 4th and 6th dimensions for any organ of your body and the cost of such TRANSPLANTS are from 25,000/= to 100,000/=