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Dr Anil Kumar Proag  -  B.A IN Economics and Political Science, M.A in Counselling, Dr in Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Dr in Clinical Hypnotherapy 



Dr anil kumar PROAG

No Dieting - No Pills - No heavy or Strenuous Exercise

Loose up to minimum 32 pounds or more PERMANENTLY


 Reiki classes and reiki healing

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Past Life Regression (PLR)

Find out now why you are suffering so much in this life. What are the causes of these sufferings?

Why all your projects are delayed?

why so much Financial failures and difficulties?

Why so much problems with children?

why marriage is not working?

what caused the divorce?

Why there is so much CURSE in our family?


Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Recuring Pain, Deep Fear and Phobias, Child Abuse and Traumas,

Uncurable Diseases, Addictions, Memory Failures, Failures,

Reprogramming of the Subconcious Mind for students,

Hypnosis is a tool to help you correct many issues that normally cannot be dealt with. 




Advanced Energy Therapy Center



Jyotish Acharya Shree Dr. Anil Kumar PROAG, RMT.



Master Hypnotist, PAST LIFE REGRESSION Therapist


Professional Astrologer(Jyotish Acharya), Grand Reiki Master and Traditional REIKI Teacher (RMT),


Author, Freelance Journalist and Photographer,


Medium, Shaman, Contacts the Ancestors, Angels, Spirits, Masters and guides while healing


Talisman Expert, Distance Healing by phone and Skype, Spiritual Healer and Quantum Touch Practitioner.


Numerologist, Palmist, Fengshui and Vaastu Counsellor, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner and Life Coach


Master Hypnotist, Past life Regression (PLR) therapist.


Near Death Experience(NDE)


Doctor in Energy Medicine(Alternative and Complementary Medicine)


Divine Organ Transplant, Psychic Surgery and WASA WASA WASA




Cancer Healing, Broken Bone healing and Osteoporosis may be corrected with Energy healing



Over the past twenty eight years, Dr and Grand Master Anil K Proag has helped and healed thousands of people here and abroad....

Helped so many to successfully lose weight, Get married, get pregnant    

Reprogrammed the subconscious from being a smoker to a non-smoker and drugs addicts to forget if they had ever taken hard drugs  

Helped so many to overcome loneliness and insomnia, eliminate fear, depressions, phobias and stress  

Taught how to remove or manage pain and anger  

Helped people to cure their unbelievable sickness or disease by healing their past lives  

Guided thousands of students through their studies and exams  

Taught the LAW OF ATTRACTION and advised people in their businesses and made them multi-millionaires  

stopped countless divorces and got people married who had lost hope to be married  

Babies were born to couples who had given up to fate and destiny 

So many divine organ transplants were performed with people who had belief and faith  

Angels, Guides, Ancestors and Holy Spirits were called to help and guide in all of our healings.  

I can REPROGRAM your Subconscious MIND   

1.   I can make you THIN, slim and beautiful and lose 32 lbs. There will be 3 hours session each week for 32 weeks. No WORKOUT, GYM or BODY BUILDING.. No FASTING, DIETING or STARVING... No MEDICATION, PILLS or CLINICS.    

2.   I can change your life for better, rich, healthy and more peacefully powerful in 7 sessions of 1 hour with hypnosis.      

3.   I can make you feel good, fearless, stop tormenting yourself and save you from suicidal behaviours with EFT and TFT.   

4.   I can take all your PRESSURES, STRESS, and ANXIETY away in 3 sessions of Clinical Hypnosis.    

5.     I can remove fear, panic attack, sickness and loss of memory during TESTS and EXAMS.     

6.   I can make you RICH, yes, very rich by FORMATTING your subconscious mind and removing the poverty program inculcated from childhood by family, friends and society.    

7.   I can make you sleep like a baby and stop snoring.    

8.     I can make you very good at PUBLIC SPEAKING.     

9.   I can make your children stop bedwetting, crying, fighting and being aggressive permanently.     

hypnosis in mauritius

10. I can make you stop smoking and drinking.    

11.   I can make you stop taking hard drugs in 6 months.    

12.   I can make your married life better and happier.    

13.   I can help you prepare your mind and body to have a beautiful baby if you are medically fit to get pregnant and conceive.    

14.   I can mend your broken heart and fill it with love or get you married.    

15.   I can take you back to many of your PAST LIVES to learn why you are suffering or not being cured of diseases.    

16.   I can find the cause and cure of any CURSE, JINX or SPELL in your life or of your family from going into your past lives and healing it accordingly.    

17.   I can help you become smarter, hardworking and very productive at your job or business.    

18.     Rashes, bumps, acne and pimples.  I can get you released from most of these conditions.    

19.     Headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu-like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, racing heartbeat, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, and involuntary vocalizations or bodily movements. Some of us have even had old conditions from childhood reappear briefly for healing. Consult your doctor and then come to me with your medical report.    

20.   I can make you look YOUNGER, clear emotional issues and release limiting beliefs and heavy baggage from the past, you are actually lighter. Your frequency is higher. You love yourself and life more. You begin to resemble the perfect you that you really are.    

21.   I can help you to come back to normal life after a DEATH or DIVORCE, change in job status, loss of home, illness, and/or other catastrophes -- sometimes several at once!    

22.    I can help to remove INVISIBLE PRESENCES that some people report feeling surrounded by at night or having the sensation of being touched or talked to. Often they will wake with a start. Some also feel their body orb vibrate.    

23. I can help you get in Contact with angels, spirit guides, and other divine entities.     

24.   I can help you from Falling, having accidents and breaking bones over and over again.      

25. I PRACTICE MORE THAN 26 THERAPIES. HAVE COSULTED MORE THAN 20000 PEOPLE IN THE LAST 28 YEARS. I am the very best at what I do. I have a passion for my work and get lots of pleasure when people report their successes.


The body is very intelligent with 3 trillion cells to manage and care for.

A healer is someone who was sick and gets well

A great healer is someone who was very very sick and gets well very quickly

I help people to get well quickly by helping and guiding them with different therapies that I have studied for the last 28 years, practiced and use daily.

Is weight your problem?

Would you really want to slim and trim yourself?

Are you happy in your body?

No Dieting    -    No Pills    -   No heavy or Strenuous Exercise

Loose up to minimum 32 pounds or more PERMANENTLY 



     EFT or (emotional freedom technique) Applies to all issues, including…. 

  Blood Pressure   …  Relationship Issues       …Women’s Issues       …Children’s Issues

…School, Sports and Sexual Performance Issues, Serious Diseases

(From migraines to cancer) 



Millions of people are settling for lives filled with quiet desperation, poor health and emotional baggage. They're STUCK accepting a lifestyle of  emotional trauma ,  chronic physical pain ,  compulsions and addictions , or perhaps just an  empty feeling inside  .     

EFT practitioner Master Dr Anil Kumar Proag (PAM) student of the great Gary Craig, is giving free healing in the morning from 8.00 to 9.00 AM daily in his office at Curepipe and terre rouge, for the very poor.    

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New Astrology Consultation office at Bois Marchand Rd., Terre Rouge



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